Symptoms Of Dying Dog

A Dying Dog you will start to see and the vet will tell you that organs are starting to shut down, same as you and I. When comes down to it the best thing you can do is give them the most comfortable in the last days they have with you.

You should always try to keep them hydrated Veterinarians will show you the best way to give your dying dog water if it is not taking it from the bowl anymore. Giving your dog food will be better then not having food and feeling your stomach emtpy. You should always try to keep your dog with you in the last few days by your side, pet him or her will relax your dog.

Controling the bowels and bladder you can always get pads and diapers. your veterinarian will be able to tell you if your dog needs pain killers or any other medication to help the process. When the end is close keepyour dog moist and body warm.

Dogs are a mans(woman too) best friend, When it comes time choosing the right path is a very hard thing to do and nobody can help you decide. When it comes down to it i am not sure i will be able to just put my dog down and turn away when he or she will need me the most, having the extra time together even if it means cleaning of the puddles or feeding it by spoon.

Even if i have to stay up nights awake keeping it comfortable and wondering if he or she will be there in the morning, every moment would be worth it. Dont get me wrong if he or she is in pain and suffering i would not want to make he or she suffer.